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Boilies Krill Immense 12 mm.

Boilies Krill Immense 12 mm.

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The Krill Immense Boilies are developed to provide the carps with a high content of all the nutrients they need for growing during the warmer months. They are based on hydrolyzed fishmeal, krill and liver powder which gives instant attraction and a long lasting bait which the carps love.

The thoughts behind this mix was to create a boilie which the carps will freak out to during their feeding frenzy in the end of the summer and start autumn.

The combination of predigested fishmeal, liverpowder and yeast gives a great amino acid profile of all the essential amino acids which the carps need for optimum growth. The high amounts of vitamin B from the yeast gives a boilie, which the carps are strongly attracted to. Over time the carps will learn that the Krill Immense boilie is a valid food source for them making the bait very long lasting.
The Krill Immense boilie is further enriched with crushed pellets made for breeding carps, which further enrich the boil with essential nutrients and minerals.

Even though this boilie is designed for the feeding frenzy it will catch you loads of carps all year round.

LT Fshmeal, soyflour, crushed pellets (fishmeal, wheat gluten, wheat flour, fish oil, lectin, monocalcium phosphate, yeast), krillmeal, eggpowder, wheat semolina, monopropylene glycol, maizeflour, chicken liver powder, hydrolised krill protein, red-beet powder, vegetable carbon. Additives: Premix of aromatic substances (krill aroma).

Nutritional values (calculated in finished boilie – not from the drymix):
Protein: 21,9%, Fat: 5,5%, Ash: 4,2%, Fiber: 0,7%, Sodium: 1,7%, Moisture: 35,8%.

Not for human consumption. For use as fishing bait only.




Net content

1 kg., 5 kg.


Cool, Dark, Dry


2 years