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Boilies Coconut Unique 24 mm.

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Boilies Coconut Unique 24 mm.

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The Coconut Unique Boilies was first launched in 2013 and they are based on our Boilie Mix Natural Attractive which is the culmination of 25 years of boilie development.

The thoughts behind this mix was to create a boilie which will sort out the bigger fish – especially in the spring, when the carps are starting to feed and in the autumn, when they are about to stop their feeding frenzy and go slow during the colder months.

Through many years of experience from fishing in large lakes, we have experienced a tendency for the bream to not have as much interest in boilies without fishmeal. Therefore, our Coconut is well suited to conditions where bream is a problem. Therefore, this boilie contains no fishmeal at all.

During the many years of development and tests we found out that the combination of yeast, liver powder and corn steep liquor provided an amino acid profile of all the essential amino acids which the carps need for optimum growth. This combined with huge amounts of vitamin B from the yeast made a boilie, which the carps are strongly attracted to. Over time the carps will learn that the Coconut Unique boilie is a valid food source for them making the bait long lasting.
The Coconut Unique boilie is further enriched with milk proteins in order to raise the amount of water-soluble proteins which the carps simply love.

The coarse structure of the boilie created from tigernut flour and crushed hemp makes the water-soluble attractors leak fast which quickly attracts the carps to your swim.

Even though this boilie is designed for spring and autumn it will catch you loads of carps all year round.




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