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Eco Sinkers

Join the revolution of lead free fishing!

Features of ECO Sinkers

Certificate: ECO D&M owns a certificate for ECO SINKERS when it comes into contact with drinking water, it is not harmful for humans, animals and other living creatures and organism.
Universal Swivel: All ECO SINKERS have a universal swivel that makes it possible to attach and drop it out to any “lead clip”.
7-Components: ECO SINKERS contain a 7-component reinforced concrete mixture, which is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and complies with all environmental regulations.
Absorbency: Even the smallest weight of ECO SINKER can increase the weight by 3 grams and the heaviest weight by 15 grams. ECO sinkers are designed in such a way that after absorbing water, booster, dip or other liquid, products do not exceed the weight under which company marked them, therefore all ECO SINKERS are a few grams lighter than stated in the title, for constant weight space.
Magnetic Solution: Let’s not forget the magnetic structure though. When using a drop-off system, each angler is capable to collect and reuse ECO SINKERS nicely with a magnet.
Weight Volume: ECO SINKERS have higher weight volume per cm3 than other classic lead alternatives so the products are smaller and well-adjusted.
Center of Gravity Balance: ECO SINKERS balance the center of gravity to help the products sink down evenly so it would not spin in the water and your end rig hooklink does not tangle.